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Our approach to trainer training is about enlivening, inspiring and motivating the people who work with us, giving them simple usable skills, and making the training room an enjoyable and expanding place to be.

No matter what kind of training you do, you need to be well prepared and able to handle whatever happens in the training room with a professional approach.

What you will gain

* Adapt your style and material to suit the situation
* Work with difficult situations and people
* Change tack quickly and without fuss
* Meet people’s needs and expectations
* Handle your delegates’ anxieties and nervousness
* Make learning and development exciting, creative and habitual

Most of all, we build confidence; the confidence to know that whatever you encounter, you will be able to make it work.

Our Train the Trainer is interactive, insightful, refreshing and fun.

This course will include:

  • Mastery – The destination for all trainers but how do we get there
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Identifying your personal training style and staying true to it
  • Presentation skills
  • Dealing with difficult participants and situations
  • Know your own behaviour
  • Learning styles
  • Seeing and dealing with sudden changes within your training environment
  • Recognising and dealing with potentially undermining situations
  • Design training – including the 10 golden rules of using power-point in training

This training can be run as either a one day or an in-depth two day course, contact us at for details.

Wales Quality Centre Certificates will be provided for this training.

This training can also be delivered in house contact us for details.

Can be delivered as a one or two-day training course.

Members: £235 + VAT (one day) £480 + VAT (two-day)
Non-Members: £395 + VAT (one day) £585 + VAT ( two-day)



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