Results Based Accountability

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This 1-day workshop will allow participants to understand the basics of Results Based Accountability (RBA) and to explore the model in terms of their own organisation and its implementation.

Focused on customer outcomes, the course explores the impact of work with individuals and communities. This approach is particularly suitable for achieving and measuring outcomes which require collaborative working across or outside an organisation.

What you will gain

Traditionally used for life improvement in service industries and local government, RBA also has benefits where there is a requirement to make large scale changes which affect population or communities of interest. RBA is an alternative to the traditional approach to performance improvement. It focuses on the difference our actions and activities make, through a different way of thinking.

  • Create an RBA framework
  • Understand the RBA implementation process and how it relates to their organisation or project
  • Create an RBA report card
  • Identify benefits and challenge
  • Facilitates collaborative working to achieve shared outcomes
  • Focus on outcomes for the customer
  • Measure less understand more
  • Fast track actions to achieve outcomes

Who is this course for? This course is suitable for any local government, third sector or private organisation – particularly those in roles which involve leadership, management, marketing, community groups, cross cutting or partnership working. Delegates will leave being able to understand RBA, how it is different, and how it works.

Wales Quality Centre Certificates will be provided for this training.

This training can also be delivered in house contact us for details.

Can be delivered as a one or two-day training course.

Members: £235 + VAT
Non-Members: £395 + VAT



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