Mini Motivators

Distance Learning through our tutor led virtual training platform. Delegates will be able to talk to the tutor and with each other. Courses are 2 hours long.

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Motivation is a key driver for change. This short session will explore what motivates individuals to achieve their goals. Characteristics for sustained motivation and reasons for failure. If you don’t keep your New Year’s resolutions, understand mindset and behaviours that make the difference.

  • Remove the barriers to motivation
  • Inspire a spirit of ownership in employees
  • Develop a positive attitude

The session covers; recognising individual employees, allocating responsibility, maintaining confidence in management, the open-door policy and the role of communication.

Culture change

Never in living memory has there been such a large culture change in such a short time. This short session will explore the dynamics and emotions of culture change, and help organisations and individuals to ensure sustainable and effective culture change


Enabling a positive mindset in ourselves and colleagues has immense potential when aligned with individual and organisational goals.

This Mindset workshop uses research from Carol Dweck and other researchers to explore the importance of effort, how mistakes help you learn, how to use setbacks as motivation, and the importance of curiosity. This workshop gives practical tips and suggestions to help your students to develop a growth mindset and to improve their resilience.

Time Management

Time management skills, or a lack of them can have a major impact on individuals and organisations.  One person’s poor time management can have a serious impact on an entire department.

This session is designed to provide delegates with the skills required to analyse their use of time and to give practical tools to improve their own self-management.

Goal Setting

Will it make the Boat Go Faster?  Avoid the pitfalls of conflicting goals and targets.

Goal setting is a major component of personal development as well as enabling the achievement organisational objectives.

This session will help with creating an action plan designed to guide and motivate individuals or groups to achieving a desired objective, be it personal or organisational.

The most important feature of goal setting is ensuring that the activities in the action plan contribute to achieving the desired result, ensuring that everything that’s done “makes the boat go faster”.

Coaching and Mentoring

The ability to effectively coach individuals and teams is now a critical skill. The business environment constantly challenges individuals and people managers and the need to utilise a wide array of coaching skills is of paramount importance. This course provides the insights and the practical tools and techniques to enable you to coach effectively

The role of Human Factors in Health and Safety

This course will explain why people do not always follow safety instructions, and why people make mistakes as well as the real reason we do dynamic risk assessments.  It is particularly aimed at those working in more risky environments where complex controls are required to ensure safety, but is equally useful to those working in less risky and more repetitive environments

A quick introduction to ‘LEAN’ Principles

The course will look at operational and office (knowledge) lean principles and explain the 7 wastes and how these apply to your Lean Improvement projects.  You will gain an understanding of what to look for and ideas on simple practical changes that will improve you organisations efficiency.

A quick introduction to Root Cause Analysis tools

This course will explain 3 common tools used for correctly identifying issue root causes.  It will equip you with simple techniques that will focus on process improvement effectiveness and support resolving business quality issues, by making best use of what you already have.



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