Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

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A One-Day Training Programme on Business Finance Terminology and Concepts.

Managers and leaders inside organisations need to understand how financial information can help them assess the current and future health of those organisations.  Whether it is the private sector seeking to maximize profits and shareholder value, or public sector organisations looking for best value and service efficiency, financial information is an essential piece of the decision-making jigsaw.

However many career managers (and some entrepreneurs) find the language, rituals and, concepts of business finance confusing and impenetrable.  This does not have to be the case. This one-day training programme on Business Finance Terminology seeks to raise and then apply participants’ knowledge of essential finance concepts, in a way that is easily transferable to their day-to-day management roles.

What you will gain
There are four learning outcomes for the programme.

  • To be able to interpret and analyse financial data, including company accounts and reports
  • To track how changes in operational activity feed through to those financial accounts
  • To develop and apply appropriate budgeting methods
  • To compare and evaluate the financial costs and benefits or capital investment proposals

The event will utilise computer business simulation technology, allowing participants to apply realistic operational decisions to a simulated company and see how its financial accounts change over time. Access to this technology is unique and considerably enhances the interactive element of the training 

  • Demystifying Financial Jargon and Concepts
  • Understanding and working with Financial Accounts
  • Budget Management
  • Investment Appraisal
  • A final summary of the day, with an opportunity to clarify any outstanding issues and consider the application of the learning back in the workplace.

Wales Quality Centre Certificates will be provided for this training.

This training can also be delivered in house contact us for details.

Can be delivered as a one or two-day training course.

Members: £235 + VAT
Non-Members: £295 + VAT



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