Effective Report Writing

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Reports are written to impart information, inform decision making, and provide objective evidence for consideration.

A well written report, whether it is for external or internal use, which is concise and well-constructed will be more easily be understood and is much more likely to achieve its objective. A consistent approach will enable better understanding, and allow for a professional finish when multiple inputs are required.

What you will gain

This course will explore the structure and language for creating reports, and provide delegates with advice and guidance for working with long documents.

This half day course will include:

  • How to structure a report
  • Report content
  • Creating and inserting graphs
  • Language and terminology
  • Working in long documents

This half day workshop will provide an introduction to report writing principles, and will give delegates an understanding of report writing structure, language and the process for the effective production of reports.

Wales Quality Centre Certificates will be provided for this training.

This training can also be delivered in house contact us for details.

Half day.

Cost 1/2 day
Members: £149 + VAT
Non-Members: £179 + VAT

Please Note: There is an option to extend this to a full day course with the afternoon covering the practicality of compiling reports in a  long document, and managing format with multiple authors.

Cost Full day
Members: £235 + VAT
Non-Members: £295 + VAT



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