In 2011/12 the Wales Quality Centre undertook a project called Wales 2030 campaign, it was designed to be a “wake-up” call to encourage Welsh Businesses to meet the challenge of the future.

The Centre wanted a baseline study of opinions to provide a perspective for the prosperity of Wales and  take a look into the future at the potential impact of the global economy.   The Survey was to raise awareness in Business and Government and  prepare Wales for the impact of trends and technologies twenty years ahead.

The 2030 Survey looks to the future prosperity of Wales and how the global economy may look in 2030 and beyond. Is it possible, to gauge where technology will have taken us; who will dominate the world economy and what the Welsh economy will look like? Wales will need to develop over the next twenty years in order to be profitable and prosperous. We wanted to make an educated, informed assessment of what the global economy will look like in 2030, and help prepare Wales for the future.

We asked a percentage of all the businesses with which we interface to make an intellectual contribution. To each of the many diverse industries and manufacturers and businesses now in Wales we asked – “What is your estimate of what your field of activity will be like in twenty years?”

We encouraged organisations to make a considered judgement. To consider how their business would need to change; what they would need that they don’t have now in terms of talent, training, technology, capital, to be a significant player in that world.

The Centre worked with Opinion Research Services (ORS) inviting companies to take part in this important research project. The Report and findings were published and are still available, please email us for a copy of the document.

Wales 2030 campaign logo

The Report and findings were published and are still available, please email us for a copy of the document.


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