The Journey to Excellence

What is the ‘Journey to Excellence‘?
The ‘Journey to Excellence‘ is a programme which enables continuous improvement in business. It is unique in that it offers year on year, facilitated self-assessment, with recognised attainment levels.

It is based on the Excellence Model, a business diagnostic which organisations can use to self-assess, plan, change, drive business improvement and ultimately gain competitive advantage.

The programme will challenge your organisation to improve and it will provide a benchmark opportunity. It also provides a showcase to recognise and celebrate the achievement of continuous improvement in your business.

Why use the ‘Journey to Excellence‘?
The ‘Journey to Excellence‘ programme will support your organisation to grow sustainably:

  • Improving organisational competence
  • Enhancing organisational competitiveness
  • Empowering best practice

The Business Excellence assessment is carried out on your site and will involve the participation of your teams.

Plan your next step – Committing to a ‘Journey to Excellence‘
If you like to take advantage of our one-to-one sessions, and take your excellence journey forward. Or find out about the Levels of Excellence, take the opportunity to talk to our in-house experts about your organisation’s future and how we can help. Book your session today by calling us on 01656 652063.

Be Recognised For Excellence
The ‘Journey to Excellence‘ programme will enable you to:

  • Establish the health of your organisation
  • Benchmark your performance
  • Determine the actions that will have the most impact on improving your business performance
  • Change your organisation’s work culture to a business excellence focussed culture
  • Provide a consistent and systematic approach to drive improvement and change
  • Enable you to develop a ‘culture of excellence’ to review improvements
  • Provide a ‘snapshot’ of improvements
  • Contribute towards improved customer outcomes

Wherever you are on your Business Excellence journey – if you are just starting out or if you are well on your way to achieving “Recognised for Excellence” certification, consider participating in our ‘Journey to Excellence’ programme. If you simply want to find out more about the Excellence Model and how it can help your business. For more information

Contact us for details of the Journey to Excellence Programme, telephone 01656 652063 or email

“The Excellence Model offers organisations who are serious about staying competitive in business, an opportunity to utilise a continuous improvement tool. You will receive a comprehensive feedback report highlighting the areas of strength within your organisation as well as the opportunities for improvement.

I would certainly recommend the approach to you as you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.”

Mark Roscrow,
Director, NHS Shared Services Partnerships

The “Recognised for Excellence” in 2016 Award Winners

Please contact the Centre to discuss your Journey to Excellence. Contact us at
or telephone 01656 652063.

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